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High Performance Custom Seating fit for the SSE Hydro Arena
Glasgow has just unveiled its new multipurpose infrastructure which will end up revitalizing the Clyde Waterfront, which went into decline and neglect for many years following the closure of the town´s major shipyards. After 8 years of construction, the ufo of Foster Partners (baptized SSE Hydro) now reveals its ETFE facade which is lit up every evening, whilst during the day it manages to blend in with the usual changing Glasgow skyline. The modern technology applied to this...
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A Beautiful play with Light and Shadows
At Restaurant Strandtangen in Skive (DK), high-quality raw ingredients and a stylish interior create memorable dining experiences. Black acoustic ceilings with milled grooves create an intimate atmosphere and a beautiful play of light and shadows. Here, you can bask in the smell of the sea and the taste of honest, Nordic cuisine. Welcome to Restaurant Strandtangen, which overlooks Limfjorden in the Danish town of Skive and offers spectacular views and Danish gastronomy in beautiful...
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A collaboration with the "King Of Colour"
After the projects with Ross Lovegrove, Zaha Hadid, Chantal Thomass, Piero Castiglioni and many others, it is Barrisol's great pleasure to be able to add Karim Rashid among our collaborations. For those who do not know it yet, this man is a great Canadian-American designer born in Cairo in 1960. We speak of him as the "King of Color". The award winning multimillion-dollar project includes a seven-story multicolor facade, along with 430 newly-redesigned rooms and suites, in addition to...
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A Ceiling Not To Miss
The newly opened Kongahälla Center in Kungälv, Sweden, is the most modern shopping center in West Sweden. The new shopping center is part of a new district emerging in the city. Kongahälla Center will be a natural commerce for people living and working in the area. An environment to thrive in The architects focus for the interior has been to create rooms where people thrive, that is exactly what a Gustafs panel should permeate. Gustafs wooden panels and timber panels are...
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A conference hall equipped with elegant, extremely comfortable fixed seating
A privileged location overlooking Lake Geneva and the Alps.A space for reflection and creation.An island for writers designed by the architects Vincent Pierre Mangeat and Pierre Wahlen,where you can find inspiration. This is the ambitious project by Vera Michalski, a Swiss-Polish publisher and philanthropist, whose goal is to offer new literary principles a ​​suitable gathering space for creativity. The building contains all the elements necessary for this purpose. Single rooms for...