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Invisible acoustic combination fit for Carlsberg
Carlsberg’s old brewery district – Carlsbergs byen – in central Copenhagen is undergoing an extensive transformation into a completely new district that includes housing, offices and shopping. Of course, you will also find the beer producer’s head office in the area, which is now complete and reflects an elegant interior that focuses on identity, knowledge exchange and innovation. A decor inspired by beer The color palette that makes up the exclusive interior has...
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Bespoke Seating collection for the Kultur Casino Bern
The Kultur Casino Bern has been a meeting place for the Swiss region since its opening in 1909. After two intense years of renovation, the baroque style building was reopened offering a new concept that links gastronomic experiences with a wide range of cultural events. This combination of traditional concerts with culinary arts and event celebration created new challenges that required a reinterpretation of the Casino Bern's seating. Figueras Made to Measure unit designed and developed...
Restoration of a magnificent Baroque Building
With the help of VoglVariety, it became possible to restore the historic appearance of the vault ceiling in the stairway hall of the state library of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Haus Unter den Linden – Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz. The architects were faced with a real challenge of bringing back its initial appearance to this baroque building in need of renovation, while at the same time making it fit for the requirements of...
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No Compromise on this custom printed acoustic ceiling
Cultural complex at Aǧstafa - Azerbaijan Within the large complex Aǧstafa, which includes various activities such as restaurants, shops, etc., there is a cultural centre and a conference room with 300 seats. To fit into the very elegant wood-based decoration, a 700 m2 Barrisol Print Your Mind® acoustic ceiling with a wooden motif has been installed. It provides an essential acoustic comfort in these large spaces dedicated to shows, conferences or other video projections, while...
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A Ceiling to cover some of the very best automotive in the world
MY GARAGE Stringent architecture provides the backdrop for potent cars with beautiful lines. Just northeast of Vejle in Jutland, Denmark, lies an iconic building from 1964 with twelve large flat domes. Originally, it served as a rather modern textile factory in the elegant style of the 1960s. After almost 50 years of production, the last owner – EGE Tæpper – chose to close the Vejle branch back in 2012. Today, the building – which over the years has...