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Flexible Seating - Converting a music hall into a year round cultural destination
Andermatt, a beautiful village located in the Swiss Alps, inaugurated its concert hall in 2019. Designed by Studio Seilern Architects and equipped with a retractable seating system with our Scala 148 model, the music hall offers up to 650 seats and represents an important landmark for Andermatt’s growth. The installation of a retractable seating system allows different configurations of the hall, making it suitable for concerts, conferences, festivities or seminars, converting...
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Let the Organic Shaped of Nature Stretch Your Imagination
Med Store - Italy Barrisol Lumière solutions have been installed in this MED STORE to create a soft light atmosphere that offers comfort and well-being to customers. The visitor moves under a luminous sky of Barrisol® stretched canvas: Les Translucides® Blanc, 100% recyclable. A large glass dome and two gigantic pillars with organic shapes reminiscent of trees also enhance the space. Architect : Studio HarcomeProduct: Barrisol Lumière - Les Translucides Blanc
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Renewal and Tradition Come Together
The Nordvest district of Copenhagen is home to old workshops and small factories, and new offices are now being built to match this unique urban environment. The new office complex is even built to DGNB certification standards in the Silver category. Old bricks and homogeneous façades with large windows are an interpretation of the industrial culture at Dortheavej in north-west Copenhagen. The complex consists of two buildings along the street with a square-like space between...
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Invisible acoustic combination fit for Carlsberg
Carlsberg’s old brewery district – Carlsbergs byen – in central Copenhagen is undergoing an extensive transformation into a completely new district that includes housing, offices and shopping. Of course, you will also find the beer producer’s head office in the area, which is now complete and reflects an elegant interior that focuses on identity, knowledge exchange and innovation. A decor inspired by beer The color palette that makes up the exclusive interior has...
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Bespoke Seating collection for the Kultur Casino Bern
The Kultur Casino Bern has been a meeting place for the Swiss region since its opening in 1909. After two intense years of renovation, the baroque style building was reopened offering a new concept that links gastronomic experiences with a wide range of cultural events. This combination of traditional concerts with culinary arts and event celebration created new challenges that required a reinterpretation of the Casino Bern's seating. Figueras Made to Measure unit designed and developed...