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Figueras International Seating
Eurasia is very proud to welcome Figueras International Seating to our family. Figueras is a worldwide established and leading seating manufacturer originating from Spain. Their products have been used in great venues around the World, such as the White House in Washington DC, the United Nations in Geneva and the Camp Nou in Barcelona etc etc. The newest product in our already diverse product range fills a void requested by clients for a couple of years. We can now happily support and...
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Project: Metro City Plaza Phase II
With the renovation of the Metro City Plaza I in Tseung Kwan O already completed successfully, the client once again turned to Eurasia for materials and support when the Phase II were up for renovation. The shopping arcade combines natural daylight with the Barrisol®Lumiere in an astonishing manner. The calm lighting and the spectacular aesthetics provided by the Barrisol®Lumiere ceiling may be one of the reasons why people like to linger here. More project photos.
New Product: Barrisol® ELT 3D®
The new Barrisol® ELT 3D® product range provides an exceptional, illuminated 3D effect by harnessing the light produced by the LEDs in the woven fabric. The way that this textile material interacts with LEDs is truly fascinating, enabling it to be infused with any color you want. The secret lies in the ELT®3D textile composition that allows it to be used in so many different ways. The ELT®3D process opens up a whole new range of decorative opportunities. Thanks to...
Sick Building Syndrome 1
Seminar: Sick Building Syndrome
With a growing importance of health considerations in the construction industry we decided to lift this topic and really discuss it with the people who actually design our everyday indoor environments. During this month we visited Leigh&Orange and M Moser Associates for lunch seminars to discuss the important topic of Indoor Air Quality. Interesting questions were raised and the discussions were both long and fruitful. We will continue working with these seminars for a further progress...