Barrisol Keishu Kawai
The sensitivity of the ink on the paper, the elegance of the brush strokes, which are delicately and accurately applied, have given this artist an insatiable appetite for large format work.Master Keishu Kawai’s meeting with the company Barrisol® made it possible to achieve this dream through a calligraphy collection designed specifically for interior decoration. Walls and ceilings can be enhanced with these delicate designs that add purity and elegance to classical or contemporary...
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Exceptional Seating fit for The Philharmonie de Paris
Located in a working-class district, outside the centre of Paris, in the middle of the Parc de La Villette, the Philharmonie rises ready to be a new centre of pilgrimage for music lovers, local residents and even tourists. Jean Nouvel has created a building that is audacious both inside and out. Covered with 340,000 bird-shaped aluminium sheets in various colours, the building is a type of silver mountain that reflects the green of the park, embeds itself within it and invites passers-by to...
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A Functional Ceiling Design
This is a Peruvian restaurant that takes you to a place where you feel good, relaxed, a little loose and ready to have a good time – of course we wanted to join in! – that place is called “between Pisco and Nazca”. The restaurant founders and New York based architecture and interior design firm Celano Design Studios had a clearly defined concept and it was to be carried through all the way, including the designed ceilings by Fellert. Needless to say, we’re...
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Acoustic Comfort Fit For A Five Star Hotel
The French art of living drifts through the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera hotel. The five-star hotel welcomes its guests at the lobby with a gallery floor of stunning architectural brilliance. The reception area, the bar, the ballroom as well as the meeting rooms are all furnished with a sound-absorbing acoustic plaster ceiling created by Vogl Deckensysteme. Aesthetic ceiling designBeing an essential part of an integral interior design, ceilings must meet the high demands in terms of both...
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A Walk Under The Sea
Plunge into the sea with Barrisol Imprimé®!The aquarium of Palma de Mallorca presents the undersea life in a new astonishing way. The architect Alvaro Planchuelo reproduced the real atmosphere of the seafloor.For this exceptional realization, he chose Barrisol® printed stretched ceiling to reproduce an undersea sight. With a translucent finish, the printed ceiling allowed the integration of specific lighting effects to make the show even more striking.An undersea travel not...