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A Ceiling Not To Miss
The newly opened Kongahälla Center in Kungälv, Sweden, is the most modern shopping center in West Sweden. The new shopping center is part of a new district emerging in the city. Kongahälla Center will be a natural commerce for people living and working in the area. An environment to thrive in The architects focus for the interior has been to create rooms where people thrive, that is exactly what a Gustafs panel should permeate. Gustafs wooden panels and timber panels are...
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A conference hall equipped with elegant, extremely comfortable fixed seating
A privileged location overlooking Lake Geneva and the Alps.A space for reflection and creation.An island for writers designed by the architects Vincent Pierre Mangeat and Pierre Wahlen,where you can find inspiration. This is the ambitious project by Vera Michalski, a Swiss-Polish publisher and philanthropist, whose goal is to offer new literary principles a ​​suitable gathering space for creativity. The building contains all the elements necessary for this purpose. Single rooms for...
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An atmosphere for learning
Six architects turned 90,000 m² of campus area into an educational landscape with outdoor activities. The Vienna University of Economics and Business is situated on Welthandelsplatz in the so-called Stuwerviertel district. The Library & Learning Center (LLC) designed by Hamburg-based Zaha Hadid Architects lies in the centre of these buildings and forms the heart of the campus. Opened 24 hours, it is much more than a classic library; it rather combines service centre, workplace with lounge,...
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Feature wall with a greater purpose
In designing the offices for the engineering company Wissenberg A/S in a former industrial building in Nørrebro, a cosmopolitan district of Copenhagen, a key focus point was creating a sense of openness and a good working environment. The rhomb wall by the stairs has improved the acoustics and has a strongly unifying effect. Joan Torenholt has been responsible for the interior design of the offices on two levels for the engineers Wissenberg A/S. The company wanted to signal that...
Barrisol Keishu Kawai
The sensitivity of the ink on the paper, the elegance of the brush strokes, which are delicately and accurately applied, have given this artist an insatiable appetite for large format work.Master Keishu Kawai’s meeting with the company Barrisol® made it possible to achieve this dream through a calligraphy collection designed specifically for interior decoration. Walls and ceilings can be enhanced with these delicate designs that add purity and elegance to classical or contemporary...