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A Solution For Premium Cars
A building just as important for BMW as for the enthusiasts who enjoy spending more time than usual in automobile showrooms. The latest BMW Brand Store is in Brussels and on one of the city’s most fashionable streets – the elegant Boulevard de Waterloo. Here Fellert has made possible a unique environment – a true performance solution where design and sound absorption interplay without compromise. The performance assignment for BMW included two solutions. In part a ceiling...
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Playing With Organic Shapes
This creation won the National architecture award 2012 in the interior category. In an original and brilliant design special care was taken in the preparation of the structure and all the space. Two simultaneous optical openings are the main design elements of the work.The unheard efficiency of a tense Barrisol game:The space consists of a subtle challenge between the exterior and interior, reinforced by an optical contrast between the red outer surface gloss lacquer and the white dynamic...
From Old Barn to City Hall
Inspired by the barn’s very rustic timber construction, KHR arkitekter decided to use Troldtekt for both the ceilings and the upper parts of the walls. The barn is also directly connected with the extension, which houses the citizens’ service function and the various municipal departments. The calm, soft ceilings ensure a sense of continuity between the rooms as well as good acoustics.Troldtekt has been used consistently throughout, emphasising the spaciousness of the interior by...
Daniel Libeskind design and develop unique housing solutions made from renewable wood, zinc and aluminum. The villas can be delivered within months and they meet the highest standards of design and craftsmanship as it complies with the best energy-saving standards in the world.The Libeskind signature villa in Datteln, Germany is decorated with beautifully printed acoustic panels from BER-Deckensysteme. 33 sq.m of BER printed acoustic textile panels were installed in different sized and...
Curved Details with Flexible Wood
The Energy ClubThe Energy Club in Cheb, Czech Republic is beautifully decorated with flexible wood panels all around their interior space. The venue requires a calm and sophisticated atmosphere as massages, cosmetic treatments and herbal preparations are provided here. Approximately 51m² of dukta®FOLI natural MDF was installed on the walls, ceiling, sales desk, table legs and even as partition walls. Behind the sales counter dukta®FOLI was installed with a magnificent print...
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