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The Acoustic Solution For Swimming Pool Ceilings
The aquatic centre of Val-d’Europe in Bailly-Romainvilliers is environnment friendly with the HQE label.Designed by the french architect Marc Mimram, special attention has been given to the ceilings. The natural light comes through huge bay windows, decorated by curvy structures made of 3300 m² of Barrisol® Blanc Mat stretch ceilings, along with acoustic solution Acoustics® A30 in it. Find more information on hereType of product: Barrisol Blanc Mat - acoustic...
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The Healing Power Of Good Architecture
The very detailed planning process for this eastern Danish psychiatric regional hospital in Slagelse for 194 patients was characterised by innovation and a desire to construct a first class complex which supports patient care and recovery.Simplicity pervades the new complex, coupled with the recognition that architecture which aids healing for patients is based on classic ingredients such as light and shade, materials, colours and green landscape elements. However, simplicity is not just about...
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A Modern Travelers Dream
“Not only that, but at Zoeftig, we’re hugely conscious of our environmental responsibility. Landscape was therefore designed in accordance with the 14006 Standard in EcoDesign, meaning all components are made from recyclable materials.” When Batlle i Roig Arquitectes and its experimental design partner, Emiliana Design Studio, needed an expert in seat production to bring its new bench design to life, they turned to the Figueras Group. The result of this three-way...
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Let Barrisol Stretch Your Imagination
Another beautiful collaboration between Barrisol, the world leader in stretch ceiling and remarkable lingerie designer, Chantal Thomas. Together they have created a unique lighting piece that once again proves how versatile Barrisol really is. Part of the Luminaire collection designed by Chantal Thomass for Barrisol®, in association with Osram®, this butterfly gives off a soft light, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Featuring a dimmer switch, it can also produce a much stronger...
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A Ceiling With So Much More
Designed in the shape of an '8', the new school building in Bochum is part of the school centre in Bochum-Wiemelhausen. Amorphous forms also characterise the interior and are reflected by a sophisticated ceiling design. The required products were made by ceiling manufacturer Vogl Deckensysteme in Emskirchen. It won the "Schulbaupreis NRW 2013" prize which the state of North-Rhine Westphalia awards for new school buildings. Sound absorbing and air purifyingThe installed acoustic design...