Curved Details with Flexible Wood
The Energy ClubThe Energy Club in Cheb, Czech Republic is beautifully decorated with flexible wood panels all around their interior space. The venue requires a calm and sophisticated atmosphere as massages, cosmetic treatments and herbal preparations are provided here. Approximately 51m² of dukta®FOLI natural MDF was installed on the walls, ceiling, sales desk, table legs and even as partition walls. Behind the sales counter dukta®FOLI was installed with a magnificent print...
November 2
Think Outside of the Box
3.1 Phillip Lim Flagship storeLeong Leong Architects reached out to pinta acoustic, inc. when they were designing the first 3.1 Phillip Lim store in Los Angeles, California. The designers’ request was to manufacture a three-dimensional pyramid-shaped wall element to create a unique effect in the interior space. After the successful project in Los Angeles, Leong Leong Architects got rewarded with the next 3.1 Phillip Lim store, this time in Seoul, South Korea. The second time...
October 26
Design that purifies your Indoor Air
Wen Wei PoThe well-known Hong Kong based news magazine Wen Wei Po moved to their new office in the spring of 2017. Their meeting room has slightly curved walls which made the installation of standard acoustic panels tough. We therefore proposed to use 100% natural felt from BWF Feltec, since it is easily applied on curved surfaces and is equipped with good acoustic properties. The felt was also custom tinted into desired color using natural and non-harmful materials. Besides the...
October 19
Award winning & Beautifully curved
Mall of QatarThe award-winning Mall of Qatar opened in the end of 2016 as the largest shopping centre in Qatar. The majestic retail and entertainment destination is located next to the Al Rayyan Sports Club, a FIFA 2022 World Cup Stadium, and is estimated to attract 20 million customers annually. At the heart of the shopping centre you will find the ‘Oasis’, a landscaped 30 meter high atrium space surrounded by numerous of restaurants facing a centered stage, where theatre...
October 12
Exclusively Customized & Perfectly Printed
Delvaux Shop BeijingLocation: Chaoyang district, Beijing, ChinaProduct type: Stretch FabricProduct used: Artolis Translucent PrintArea: 35 sq.mDesign/Contractor: AMS Delvaux is the oldest fine leather luxury goods company in the world. They make wonderful handbags, small leather goods and purses. The rich Belgian heritage is well rooted in the company worldwide including the latest flagship store in Beijing. The designer wanted to capture and visualize the great heritage, and...
September 28