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August 17

Dolce Vita Tejo

Dolce Vita Tejo is one of the biggest shopping malls in the Iberian Peninsula. The shopping mall features more than 300 stores, 30 restaurants and a cinema over its 122,000 sq.m of usable floor space. The interior theme of this mall is based on the year’s four seasons and the major aesthetic attraction is two uniquely designed cubes that beautifully display the different seasons.


Planoffice supplied a total of 4,640sq.m acoustic and decorative panels in the seasonal colors orange (summer), green (spring), brown (autumn) and blue (winter) for this project.


640sq.m of acoustically perforated panels were made of Maple veneered MDF with photographic printing of three leaves and trunk. The remaining 4000sq.m of supplied panels was purely decorative and made with the sustainable material Valchromat® beautifully lacquered in different colors. 


In order to truly appreciate the complexity of this project we have to dig into the installation process. With all panels being different in terms of size, thickness and sound absorption, the different panels formed a gigantic complex puzzle. On top of this, the panels were suspended onto a 6 meter high structure that was specially designed for Dolce Vita Tejo.


Location: Amadora, Portugal

Product type: Acoustic Timber

Product used: CF Texturas  & Acústica XXI  (Customized decorative and acoustic panels)

Area in sq.m: 4,640 sq.m

Architect/Designer: Promontório Arquitectos Associados


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