Seamlessly Smooth Virgin Mary
September 7

Saint Augustine’s Church

The wonderful Church of St. Augustin is a place for inner silence and contemplation. At the heart of the church there is an atmospheric prayer grotto with a statue of the Virgin Mary. Smooth and acoustic ceiling from Vogl Deckensysteme is beautifully surrounding her. The rounded cupola barrel vault consists of a complex framework with millimeter precision detailing to achieve perfect geometry. Thereafter the assembled framework was put into place and the customized moulded component was installed in order to achieve a smooth acoustic finish.


This excellently curved seamless ceiling is carefully surrounding the statue of Virgin Mary as it delivers a soothing atmosphere to the venue,  which keeps visitors to peacefully linger here.


Location: Coburg, Germany

Product used: Vogl 3D design and moulded components 

Product Category: Seamless ceiling

Area: ca. 15 sq.m

Architect: Brückner & Brückner, Würzburg, Tirschenreuth.


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