A Ceiling With So Much More

Designed in the shape of an '8', the new school building in Bochum is part of the school centre in Bochum-Wiemelhausen. Amorphous forms also characterise the interior and are reflected by a sophisticated ceiling design. The required products were made by ceiling manufacturer Vogl Deckensysteme in Emskirchen. It won the "Schulbaupreis NRW 2013" prize which the state of North-Rhine Westphalia awards for new school buildings.


Sound absorbing and air purifying

The installed acoustic design ceilings, which meet the highest demands in terms of functionality and aesthetics, are used especially in highly frequented areas. Ceiling systems thus do not only serve as sound absorbers but also as eye-catchers. The Emskirchen-based manufacturer provides architects and designers with a great variety of different acoustic design panels for an individual ceiling design. The ceiling elements are made of plasterboard. Due to different perforation styles and fleece backing, they ensure optimal acoustic properties. These highly efficient acoustic panels give a pleasant atmosphere to every room, for instance, school rooms or other highly frequented areas. The acoustic design ceilings installed are VoglFuge and compound seam type. As necessary with all ceiling systems, a rigid ceiling framework had to be mounted on the structural soffit first. This is crucial for safe and plane installation.

In order to feel perfectly comfortable, whether in the office or at school, people need an appropriate climate. VoglAdsorperplatte with air purification effect is particularly well-suited for this purpose. "Large rooms in particular require thorough acoustic planning with the corresponding noise reduction," Benedikt Roos, product manager at Vogl Deckensysteme, explains. VoglAdsorperplatte not only absorbs noise perfectly, it also purifies the room air. "Sound absorption and interior climate have a far greater importance for interior design than one would assume. In particular, poor air quality, disagreeable cold or hot temperatures are among the biggest interior climate killers. If people have to be productive in rooms, they need climatic conditions in which they feel comfortable and which keeps their immune system intact," Roos explains. VoglAdsorperplatte has been developed in a special procedure and has a positive impact on acoustics and interior climate.

Products made by Vogl turn ceilings into absolute eye-catchers and thus increase the usefulness of a building through shape, colour and functionality.

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Type of object: School
Vogl products:
 Vogl Adsorber Panels (VoglAdsorperplatte), VoglFuge, Compound Seam, coved lighting
Completion: 2012

Area: 13,435 m²
Architects: HASCHER JEHLE, Berlin
Drywall contractor: Bohle Innenausbau GmbH & Co. KG, Coesfeld