A Functional Ceiling Design

This is a Peruvian restaurant that takes you to a place where you feel good, relaxed, a little loose and ready to have a good time – of course we wanted to join in! – that place is called “between Pisco and Nazca”.


The restaurant founders and New York based architecture and interior design firm Celano Design Studios had a clearly defined concept and it was to be carried through all the way, including the designed ceilings by Fellert. Needless to say, we’re grateful for it as it allowed us to show exactly how awesome and enriching a ceiling can be.


This particular one is a scalloped patterned, two-colored piece in teal and white. It brings the ocean into the room while paying tribute to ancient Latin American architectural elements. It’s working the space with the other sculptural maritime components and geometrical features from Peruvian culture. You’re surrounded by a soft, yet crispy elegant blend of materials and colors. A playful variety of tiles, wood, plaster and fabrics – the color scheme ties everything together. It’s fresh with a hint of orange heat. Just like the ceviches. This is a gastrobar that’s easygoing, fashionable, fun and just as loud as it should be.

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Location: Miami, USA

Architect: Celano Design Studios

Area: 500 m²

Product: Fellert Acoustic Plaster, Even Better Scallop