A conference hall equipped with elegant, extremely comfortable fixed seating


A privileged location overlooking Lake Geneva and the Alps.A space for reflection and creation.An island for writers designed by the architects Vincent Pierre Mangeat and Pierre Wahlen,where you can find inspiration. This is the ambitious project by Vera Michalski, a Swiss-Polish publisher and philanthropist, whose goal is to offer new literary principles a ​​suitable gathering space for creativity. 


The building contains all the elements necessary for this purpose. Single rooms for writers, which are located at such a height to be like hanging cabins in in a forest of white columns; a library with 4,000 volumes; an auditorium with capacity for 120 people; exhibition hall and other communal spaces. It is expected to open in 2015 and by then, the writers who have passed the admission processcan begin to fill the Maison de l'Ecriture(House of Writing).


The auditorium is designed as a sacred place;the light enters from side skylights and is diffused across the interior made of wood and concrete. This is combined with the individual reading lamps for each seat, which as a whole evokes the ecclesiastical chandeliers. The 6040 Flex XXL seat by Figueras was customised to suit this unique setting. Side panels in solid oak replaced the armrests, and in order to preserve the ethereal beauty of the whole, the seats are not fixed to the ground. With no apparent ground support, users are literally suspended: and so free to join the Muses that reign in this unique architecture.


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Name:Maison de l'Ecriture


Architecture:Architecture studio Mangeat and Wahlen

Property:Jan MichalskiFondation for Writing and Literature

Interior design:John Schwab SA

Capacity:120 places

Product:6040 Flex GPL customized