Bespoke Seating collection for the Kultur Casino Bern


The Kultur Casino Bern has been a meeting place for the Swiss region since its opening in 1909. After two intense years of renovation, the baroque style building was reopened offering a new concept that links gastronomic experiences with a wide range of cultural events. This combination of traditional concerts with culinary arts and event celebration created new challenges that required a reinterpretation of the Casino Bern's seating. 



Figueras Made to Measure unit designed and developed a new range of bespoke seats especially for this project, the Memory Collection. Taking special care on following the original design from 1909 as closely as possible, the new seats offer to attendants the maximum comfort together with an optimum acoustics performance without losing functionality and the original classical elegance.



The Kultur Casino Bern was equipped with fixed seating, loose seating with and without armrest and perch seats for upright position. The infinite combinations of these seats allow an optimal transformation of the space creating the ideal configuration for each event, from classical music concerts to business meetings or award ceremonies. 



Product: Figueras, Bespoke Seating Collection

Capacity: 650 fixed seats + 450 loose chairs

Segments: Made to Measure 

Venues: Performing Arts Centre